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18650 series
coin batteries
one time lithium batteries
Nickelhydride,aokaline batteries
Mobile power
Notebook lithium batteries
Electric bikes lithium batteries
Electric tool lithium batteries
Military products
Movable B ultrasound batteries
LED lighting lithium batteries
Hand-held terminal batteries
Unmanned aircraft batteries
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  Mobile pow
  Mobile pow
  Electric t
  Train a nu
  Medical li
  LED lithiu
  The hand-h
  Unmanned a
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Our R & D team by a group of senior engineers and senior engineers, electronic, electrochemical, covering power, system structure, the system, built the standards of modern production workshop and laboratory, can provide customers with customized battery program.

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According to customer¡¯s demands we can design intelligent battery group, we can realize the communication between battery group and equipment through integrated communication protocol framework into solution, sharing information between the host and battery group, increasing the choice of product management. In the design of battery group we focus on the safty of system and insure that the battery group to satisfy the corresponding regulations and standards More
Protection circuit board Current limit switch Over-current fuse Temperature sensor
Lithium-ion batteries Field effect transistor Control chip Battery package
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Made-in-China.com. China Manufacturers & China Products Directory.Made-in-China.com. China Manufacturers & China Products Directory. Made-in-China.com. China Manufacturers & China Products Directory.
Areas of application

ECG monitoring apparatus, B ultrasound, ventilator, anesthesia machine lifts, physiotherapy, physical therapy and rehabilitation instrument.
Flaw detector, security equipment, gas detector, optical fiber welding machines, optical fiber electric cable testing instrument
GPS, Beidou satellite positioning measurement system, handheld data terminal equipment, Scanner and printer
Power tools, electric toys, emergency lights power, military communications equipment, electric bicycles
High capacity mobile power supply, digital cameras, notebooks, tablet PCs, e-books
Crystalline silicon solar cell, photovoltaic system, outdoor power supply system.
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